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5 Things You Must Know to Extend your Fresh Flower's Life PDF Print E-mail
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How do I slow down my flower's decay?

This is a commonly asked question that the majority of florists should be able to answer, but because fresh cut flowers come in many varieties, some will naturally last longer than others.

For example, carnations have a long shelf life, whereas roses have a very brief existence in their vase once cut. Despite of the natural variations, we can still extend the freshness of your flowers to you by following the simple guidelines that are in this article.


1. Keep Cool

Fresh cut flowers dehydrate easily because they no longer have the soil and rain to rely on, so do your best to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight, this is done by avoiding heat from things like: radiators, Televisions, computers, etc. Aim for ambient room temperature at all times.

2. Flower Food is Good Food

When you receive your fresh cut flowers, you should always add the flower food that comes with your blooms. This is probably the easiest way to prolong your flower's lifespan as the food’s ingredients both nourish your blooms and hinder bacteria growth in the water. Remember to read and follow the instructions on the plant food as an incorrect application can have a detrimental effect on your flowers.

3. Moist Foam

Flower for delivery that come in foam should be kept damp all the time with water enriched with the plant food that came from your florist, paying attention to the instructions that came with the plant food.

4. Warm Water is Good for Flowers with Woody Stems and Branches

Flowers like Lilacs and Forsythia that have woody stems are best dealt with by putting them in warm water with plant food, after cutting the stems as this will encourage the flowers to open.

5. Remove Leaves Below the Water Line

As with the foam, keep your vase or other container filled with water, which has been supplemented with the plant food that came with your flowers, taking care to follow the instructions on the food.

When installing the flowers into their vase remove any leaves that will be below the water line as they can cause bacteria to grow in the water and shorten your plant’s life.

Replace all the water if it becomes cloudy and cut off another inch or two from the stems to keep them fresh.

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