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This plugin has been updated to work in both 1.5 Native and legacy modes.

This SOBI2 plugin is used to offer discounts for placing entries in the directory by offering customers coupons. It does not modify SOBI2 core code so should not affect the directory when upgraded. Simply uninstall it and reinstall it after an upgrade.

You can create up to 5 coupons, the codes can be anything up to 25 characters but try to stick to the alphabet and numbers, as it has not been tested with other characters, (read the readme file in the zip file for more instructions). Coupons can each be activated or deativated by the activate radio button. Coupons can only have a percentage value at the moment. You can give each coupon an expiry date, simply using the calendar. Finally, there is a bit of statistics to help you see how popular a coupon is in the form of the history counter, which shows you how many times a coupon has been used. Enter 0, then save to reset it.

When a user adds a new entry into the directory, they will see a coupon code input box, among all the other fields for your directory. They enter the code you give them, and it will deduct the amount you prescribed in the admin side when they get to the payment pages.

Click on the PayPal link below to purchace the download, after paying you will see a download link, and you do not need to register on this site.


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